How to Choose a Commercial Refrigeration Company as a Business Partner

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Commercial refrigeration companies provide clients with different refrigeration solutions. They serve a number of industries, such as cold storage, wineries, hospitality, mining, chemical processing, food services, and small goods.

commercial refrigeration companies

So expect them to offer you industrial refrigeration services or systems that suit your business needs.

But with all the commercial refrigeration companies in Australia or even in cities like Melbourne, choosing the most reliable can be quite challenging.

How do you choose the best company to partner with?

Take a good look at your business needs…

Any start-up or business that stores or displays foods, produce, and frozen products need an economical and reliable refrigeration system. Whether you need commercial or industrial refrigeration systems will depend on the functions you want from an equipment and its corresponding size and flow rate.

If you run a restaurant, you need a commercial refrigeration system. But if you run a food processing company, then you need an industrial refrigeration system that may include an industrial blast chiller.

… Then, match those business needs with what a refrigeration company offers

Professional installation

Make sure the company has the knowledge, experience, and skills to install freezer equipment professionally the first time and every time. The company’s refrigeration mechanic team must be accurate and work within your budget.

Repairs, service & maintenance

  • Does the company provide support and maintenance for all types of commercial and industrial refrigeration?
  • Do they offer these services during office hours or 24/7? What about emergency services?
  • Are the technicians licensed to work with Glycol refrigeration systems, ammonia, and all other types of refrigerants?
  • Can mechanics fix a problem and spare you from buying a new refrigeration system?

Preventative maintenance is critical to your business as it can ensure your bottom line and the safety of your employees and customers.

Without it, your refrigeration equipment can waste 50% of energy that translates to money wasted. If kept running at peak performance, however, you waste nothing while earning a profit.

Some of the components of a refrigeration system that must be routinely checked and maintained are evaporator coils, drains and drain pans, gaskets and seals, temperature controls, condensers, and defrost freezers.

Accurate and affordable pricing

You know you’ve found the one when you can hire a company’s service at an affordable price. Affordable, however, doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. Any service and solution delivered in high quality and precision will be worth every penny spent.

For as long as the quote is accurate to the work provided, no price is too great or too high.

In addition, look into a company’s experience in the refrigeration industry. A combined experience of 45 years says a lot about a company’s capabilities. If they keep updated on the changes and trends in the industry, they are the most reliable partner you can ask for.

NKS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is one of Australia’s commercial refrigeration companies, providing clients with cost-effective, tailored refrigeration solutions since 2006. With the combined experience of 45 years of the senior management, the company’s team is more than capable of providing your business’ refrigeration needs.

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